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AKC 2016

Team Patrizicorse at AKC 2016 Round 4. Photo source: Patrizicorse Facebook Page

The Australian Kart Championship (AKC) is the National Championship of karting in Australia. The AKC attracts the best drivers from all across Australia to battle for the honour of becoming National Champion.

In 2016, the Championship features nine classes of racing - KZ2, KA1, KA2, X30, TaG 125, KA3 Senior, KA4 Junior and cadet 12 and 9.

Last week, 3 AutoInc Racing drivers (Ethan Goodman, Yeo Hong Yang and Jayden Jin) travelled from Singapore to Brisbane to join 240 other racers to participate in Round 4 of the grand event. The race took place in Ipswich Kart Track, Willowbank from 1-3 July and was hosted by Ipswich Kart Club.

Jayden, Ethan, and Hong Yang

Jayden Jin in KA2 category/125cc Vortex DVS-J Ethan goodman and Yeo hong and in X30 category/125cc IAME X30

The race weekend was a cool experience for the Singaporean drivers, and also a great chance to race outside their comfort zone. All made possible thanks to the hospitable Patrizicorse Racing team, exclusive and sole importer of Ricciardo Kart in Australia, also the winning formula in karting. Thanks Michael and team!

Ethan and Trent


I truly enjoyed my drives and meeting new friends in Ipswich. The team was well organized and provided the best for my race. I did not qualify well thus caused the entire race, and thinking back, I could have been more aggressive. I am looking forward to driving here again but first, X30 Challenge Singapore Round 4 & 5!

Ethan's mechanic, Trent, is a driver-turn-full-time mechanic:

I didn't have a lot of time to race when I was younger. But I guess it is good fun being in the sport so here I am. Ethan adapted pretty fast to the different track condition we have here compared to what he is used to in Singapore. That's good! There is a lot of competition here and the unfortunate case of broken chain during heats made things hard for Ethan. Anyway, Ethan has a good attitude and I'm sure he will improve over time.

Hong Yang, Ronnie Sala (Owner of BirelART), Jordan Lennox-Lamb (Factory driver). and Paul Lee

Hong Yang:

I finished 11th out of 32 drivers. I am happy because I have done my best. The race format in Australia emphasize a lot on qualifying. I did not do well during qualifying but made improvements over the 4 heats and in the finals. The competitive field gave me challenges and at the same time, didn't make things easy. I am thankful for Uncle Paul's help. We have good chemistry, an important factor between a driver and his mechanic. Also, thanks to AutoInc Racing and Patrizicorse for the wonderful opportunity and set up of my kart. I have enjoyed the entire experience.

Jayden and Jason

Jayden: I had fun and enjoyed the experience in AKC, despite first time on the challenging Ipswich Kart Track. Racing in the cold is alright for me but I need to get adjusted to the correct temperature of the tyres and carburetor. I have a very supportive team and mom.

Jayden's mechanic, Jason: Jayden's performance on the weekend was outstanding considering the small amount of practice on one of the toughest circuits in Australia. The competition in Australia is of a very high standard and Jayden has learned that to be focused and consistent in lap time is the key to being competitive in the racing conditions.

Jayden showed his biggest ability being able to learn and I believe this will help him to perform at his maximum in future races

Congratulations to Patrizicorse's podium wins at Round 4 of the AKC! And thanks for the support while we were in Ipswich! We will be back!

For full photo album of our time in Ipswich, please click HERE!

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