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Paul Lee began his foray into motorsports with an impressive career as a driver. In his very first year of professional karting (2010), Paul was crowned National Champion among a grid of 33 competitors. After several years of continued podium finishes, he retired from the sport in 2012.

Since then, Paul has taken on the position of Team Boss at AutoInc Racing. His responsibilities include the training of drivers and overseeing the operations of AutoInc Racing, Singapore’s biggest race karting team.

Paul also has extensive experience leading the team of drivers and mechanics in races all over the world. As a die-hard motor head, he enjoys hands-on mechanical work and is contemplating a return to the scene as a competitor.

Paul ensures that the team drivers (leisure and competitive alike) get maximum enjoyment out of their karting sessions. “Our mechanics are well-trained but I try to stay at the track to watch them kart so that I can give them pointers, improve their driving and stretch their potential,” Paul says.

With a field of 70 drivers under the team’s care, Paul balances work and family thanks to his loving wife, Priscilla. Ever-supporting, she is seen at local races and regularly takes on head-of-family responsibilities whenever Paul attends overseas races.

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